cotton and twine keyring

palo santo

aromatherapy candle

rose quartz stone

B/B note card

Bringing light and good energy into any new space, Sunset is the perfect gift to welcome new beginnings or as a housewarming or thank you gift.


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A handmade talisman keyring woven with the colours of  the sunset. Use as a keyring or decorative accessory.

The enchanting smoke of Palo Santo, also known as ‘Holy wood’, helps to clear any stagnant or negative energies in a space. These magic sticks are sustainably sourced from a reforestation program in Ecuador. The scent is invigorating as well as healing. Instruction card included.

Aromatherapy ‘Sun’ candle brings light and warmth to any space with a beautiful uplifting scent. Infused with coconut, lime and sunstone crystals.

Rose Quartz with it’s soft pink hue is a feminine stone.  The stone of unconditional love, friendship and compassion, making it the perfect addition to our gift boxes. Add to your space to invite all the good vibes!

A handwritten note card is included for your personalised message or special sentiment.

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